Evaluation of the Sceptor system for identification ...



Title Evaluation of the Sceptor system for identification of bacteria of veterinary origin
Author(s) J. R. Papp, C. A. Muckle
Journal Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Date 1991
Volume 29
Issue 1
Start page 10
Abstract The Sceptor system (Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Instrument Systems, Towson Md.) was assessed for its ability to identify veterinary clinical isolates. A total of 605 bacteria, including 315 isolates of the family Enterobacteriaceae, 191 gram-negative nonenteric bacteria, and 99 gram-positive bacteria, were tested. Overall, 534 (88.3%) were correctly identified, 28 (4.6%) were not identified, 12 (2.0%) were incorrectly identified at the genus levels, and 32 (5.3%) were incorrectly identified at the species level. The Sceptor system correctly identified 292 (92.7%) isolates of Enterobacteriaceae, 165 (86.4%) gram-negative nonenteric bacteria, and 77 (77.8%) gram-positive bacteria. One hundred thirty organisms not contained in the data base were tested with the Sceptor system to assess the possibility of expanding the data base. The Sceptor system was an acceptable method for the identification of isolates of Enterobacteriaceae but not gram-negative nonenteric and gram-positive bacteria of animal origin. Development of a veterinary isolate-specific data base would improve the utility of the Sceptor system in veterinary diagnostic bacteriology.
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