Pathology associated with meningoencephalitis during ...



Title Pathology associated with meningoencephalitis during bacterial kidney disease of salmonids
Author(s) David J. Speare, V. E. Ostland, H. W. Ferguson
Journal Research in Veterinary Science
Date 1993
Volume 54
Issue 1
Start page 25
End page 31
Abstract The neural pathology associated with spontaneous cases of bacterial kidney disease (BKD), in five species of commercially reared salmonids, was investigated histopathologically and with immunofluorescence. Patterns of localisation of the causative organism of BKD within the central nervous system suggest that haematogenous spread to the meninges, particularly the tela choroidea posterior, the tela choroidea and vascularised capsule of the saccus dorsalis and epiphysis of the epithalamus, and the saccus vasculosus of the hypophysis, appears to be a frequent route by which the central nervous system becomes infected. Retrograde extension from the posterior uvea to the floor of the diencephalon along the epineurium and perineurium of the optic nerve also may be a mechanism of neural invasion. Extension appeared to occur from these sites into adjacent areas of the meninges, the neural parenchyma and ventricles. Demonstration of bacteria within salmonid ependymal cells, as well as the apparent ability of salmonid ependymal cells to respond metaplastically suggest a similarity to mammalian type III ependymal cells (tanycytes). Based on this study, it is apparent that teleosts can survive protracted severe brain damage. This, combined with the apparent similarities of neural response to infection between the salmonids used in this study and higher vertebrates, suggests that teleosts may be a useful lower vertebrate model for studying the pathogenesis and sequelae of bacterial meningitis.

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