Experimental transmission of Marteilia refringens ...



Title Experimental transmission of Marteilia refringens with special consideration of its life cycle
Author(s) F. C. J. Berthe, M. Pernas, M. Zerabib, P. Haffner, A. Thebault, A. J. Figueras
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 1998
Volume 34
Issue 2
Start page 135
End page 144
Abstract The life history of Marteilia refringens was investigated. The infectivity of purified early and late stages of M. refringens to oysters (Ostrea edulis) was tested in the laboratory using different routes of inoculation. Naturally infected oysters were monitored in experimental tanks to study infection progression through serial samples. Horizontal transmission was tested by cohabitation with carrier oysters in experimental tanks. The role of the environment in the transmission of M. refringens was studied in the field. The experiments provided no evidence to support direct horizontal transmission of M. refringens, but suggested that intermediate or alternative hosts, or free-living stages, are essential in the life cycle of the parasite..
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