Light microscopical observations on sporogony of ...



Title Light microscopical observations on sporogony of Sarcocystis rauschorum (Protozoa: Sarcocystidae) in snowy owls (Nyctea scandiaca)
Author(s) Richard J. Cawthorn, R. J. Brooks
Journal Canadian Journal of Zoology
Date 1985
Volume 63
Issue 6
Start page 1455
End page 1458
Abstract Two coccidia-free N. scandiaca were fed bradyzoites of S. rauschorum from varying lemmings (Dicrostonyx richardsoni). At necropsy 7 days later zygotes, oocysts in various stages of sporulation, and fully sporulated oocysts were observed only in the lamina propria of the small intestine. Sporogony of S. rauschorum is similar to that of some other species of Sarcocystis: first nuclear division to 2 polar nuclei in the oocyst, then cytokinesis with a 2nd nuclear division resulting in 2 sporoblasts each with 2 polar nuclei, and finally a 3rd nuclear division and cytoplasmic development producing 2 sporocysts each with 4 sporozoites..

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