The effect of massive small bowel resection (MSBR) ...



Title The effect of massive small bowel resection (MSBR) and small intestinal bypass (JIB) in the rat on the enteroinsular axis
Author(s) A. M. Buchan, R. A. Pederson, Catherine B. Chan, J. C. Brown
Journal Regulatory Peptides
Date 1983
Volume 7
Issue 3
Start page 221
End page 232
Abstract The effect of massive small bowel resection (MSBR) and jejuno-ileal bypass (JIB) on the enteroinsular axis in rats was compared. Glucose levels after an oral glucose tolerance test were determined in MSBR, JIB and control animals. The response of the beta-cell mass to glucose and gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP) was established in the same animals using the isolated perfused pancreas model. Immunocytochemical and morphological studies were performed to monitor the adaptive changes seen in the intestine of these animals. The glucose response to the oral glucose load was blunted in both test groups with the fasting GIP levels in the JIB group being elevated and the MSBR group being reduced. The response of the isolated perfused pancreas to GIP showed a marked (70%) reduction of insulin release in the JIB rats and a slight but non-significant reduction in the MSBR rats. In both groups the insulin response to glucose alone appeared normal. The area of the pancreatic islets and the percentage of the total area consisting of the four islet cell types (B, A, D, PP) were unchanged. In the intestine the GIP cells were markedly reduced in number in the jejunum of the functional intestine of the JIB rats and the jejunum from the MSBR rats. The GIP cells in the jejunum of the bypass loop did not differ from the control jejunum. The results indicate that the high basal GIP levels seen in the JIB rats were the result of GIP secreted from the blind loop. This study also confirmed the decreased sensitivity of the beta-cells to GIP after JIB while indicating that MSBR has little if any effect on the response of the beta-cell to GIP. These data presented further evidence that the high basal GIP levels were causally related to the decreased insulin response in the JIB rats.

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