Experimental reovirus infection in chickens: ...



Title Experimental reovirus infection in chickens: observations on early viraemia and virus distribution in bone marrow, liver and enteric tissues
Author(s) Frederick S. B. Kibenge, G. E. Gwaze, R. C. Jones, A. F. Chapman, C. E. Savage
Journal Avian Pathology
Date 1985
Volume 14
Issue 1
Start page 87
End page 98
Abstract The nature of the viraemia and the tissue distribution of reovirus were studied in the early phase after oral infection of 1-day-old SPF, White Leghorn chicks with the R2 strain of avian reovirus. A range of tissues collected up to 3 weeks after infection was titrated for viral content. Virus was present in the plasma, erythrocyte and mononuclear fractions of the blood within 30 h after inoculation (p.i.) and was widely distributed in tissues, including the bone marrow by 3 to 5 days p.i. A greater part of the viraemia was associated with plasma, virus in the blood mononuclear fraction being detected only occasionally. There was more infective virus in duodenum than liver, and the highest virus titres were found in cloacal swabs taken 1 to 5 days p.i. It was also evident that virus reached the liver shortly after infection (<= 6 hours p.i.) although the source of this early hepatic virus was considered to be residual inoculum absorbed directly into the portal blood. Viraemic virus titres could not be correlated either with duodenal or hepatic virus titre alone..

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