Possible pathogenic mechanisms of Pasteurella ...



Paper title Possible pathogenic mechanisms of Pasteurella pneumonia in cattle
Paper author(s) K. L. Kaehler, D. W. Johnson, R. J. Frederick Markham, C. C. Muscoplat, D. K. Sorenson
Date 1980
Abstract Cattle exposed only to Pasteurella multocida, to parainfluenza-3 virus, or to cold stress developed only mild upper respiratory symptoms; but when P. multocida infection was combined with PI-3 virus infection and/or cold stress, severe pneumonia developed. In in vitro studies, P. haemolytica or Escherichia coli had profound cytocidal effects on bovine blood mononuclear leukocytes, much more than Staphylococcus epidermidis. Neither heat-killed nor X-ray-killed P. haemolytica caused significant cell death. The cytocidal effects of live P. haemolytica were more pronounced in cattle than in other species. It is suggested that mononuclear leukocytes of ruminants lack some mechanism for neutralizing some cytotoxic factor released by P. haemolytica..

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