Interval mapping of carcass and meat quality traits ...



Title Interval mapping of carcass and meat quality traits in a divergent swine cross
Author(s) A. A. Paszek, P. J. Wilkie, G. H. Flickinger, Lisa M. Miller, C. F. Louis, G. A. Rohrer, L. J. Alexander, C. W. Beattie, L. B. Schook
Journal Animal Biotechnology
Date 2001
Volume 12
Issue 2
Start page 155
End page 165
Abstract An autosomal scan of the swine genome with 119 polymorphic microsatellite (ms) markers and data from 116 F2 barrows of the University of Illinois Meishan x Yorkshire Swine Resource Families identified genomic regions with effects on variance in carcass composition and meat quality at nominal significance (p-value<0.05). Marker intervals on chromosomes 1, 6, 7, 8 and 12 (SSC1, SSC6, SSC7, SSC8, SSC12) with phenotypic effects on carcass length, 10th rib backfat thickness, average backfat thickness, leaf fat, loin eye area and intramuscular fat content confirm QTL effects identified previously based on genome wide significance (p-value<0.05). Several marker intervals included nominally significant (p-value<0.05) dominance effects on leaf fat, 10th rib backfat thickness, loin eye area, muscle pH and intramuscular fat content..
DOI 10.1081/ABIO-100108342

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