Longitudinal study of Salmonella species in 90 ...



Title Longitudinal study of Salmonella species in 90 Alberta swine finishing farms
Author(s) A. Rajic, J. Keenliside, M. E. McFall, A. E. Deckert, C. A. Muckle, B. P. O'Connor, K. Manninen, C. E. Dewey, S. A. McEwen
Journal Veterinary Microbiology
Date 2005
Volume 105
Issue 1
Start page 47
Abstract The aim of this study was to determine the farm prevalence of Salmonella in 90 Alberta finishing swine farms over a 5-month period, to evaluate Salmonella distribution in the farm environment and to describe Salmonella serovar diversity on these farms. Ten veterinary practitioners selected 90 Alberta swine farms based on an annual production of >=2000 market pigs per farm and the willingness of the producers to participate in the study. Between May and September 2000, twenty samples were collected from finishing swine and the environment of each farm. The annual production of selected farms represented approximately 25% of the market swine production in Alberta. Participating farms were geographically representative of major swine production areas in Alberta. Sixty (66.7%) farms had at least one Salmonella-positive sample, with confidence interval (CI) of 57.1-77.2%. Salmonella were detected in 14.3% of fecal and 20.1% of environmental samples. The number of Salmonella-positive samples per farm ranged from 1 to 19. Among environmental samples, Salmonella were most frequently recovered from boots (38.6%) and the main drain (31.8%). Twenty-two serovars were detected on the 60 Salmonella-positive farms. Serovars Typhimurium (78 isolates), Derby (71 isolates) and Infantis (47 isolates) were the most common. A single serovar was detected on 58 farms, while 2, 3 and >3 serovars were detected on 15, 10 and 7 farms, respectively. The Salmonella farm status changed frequently over the 5-month period indicating the dynamic nature of Salmonella infections on these farms..
DOI 10.1016/j.vetmic.2004.10.005
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