Factors influencing the isolation of Mycobacterium ...



Title Factors influencing the isolation of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis from bovine fecal samples
Author(s) C. H. Kalis, J. W. Hesselink, E. W. Russchen, H. W. Barkema, M. T. Collins, I. J. Visser
Journal Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation: Official Publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc
Date 1999
Volume 11
Issue 4
Start page 345
End page 351
Abstract A modified procedure was used for culture of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis (Mptb) from bovine feces. Bovine fecal samples were decontaminated with NaOH, exposed to a mixture of oxalic acid and malachite green, incubated in a mixture of neomycin and amphotericin B. Decontaminated specimens were inoculated onto modified Lowenstein-Jensen medium. Specimens processed by high-speed centrifugation showed growth earlier than specimens prepared by low-speed centrifugation. However, the overall number of positive cultures at 16 weeks was not different for the 2 methods. When infected dairy herds were sampled 4 times at 6-month intervals and culture-positive cows were culled, the prevalence of infected cattle declined over time. After selective culling, the cattle left in the herds shed low numbers of Mptb, which explains why it took longer for cultures to become positive. No heifers younger than 11 months were culture positive, but heifers 13-14 months of age were more frequently culture positive than were heifers of any other age. The 16-week culture period is needed with this method to detect cattle shedding low numbers of Mptb. High-speed centrifugation of samples does not increase the efficiency of identification of animals shedding Mptb.
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