Induction of pseudopterosin biosynthesis in the ...



Title Induction of pseudopterosin biosynthesis in the gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae
Author(s) R. S. Thornton, Russell G. Kerr
Journal Journal of Chemical Ecology
Date 2002
Volume 28
Issue 10
Start page 2083
End page 2090
Abstract A number of biological and physical stimuli have been evaluated as inducers of pseudopterosin biosynthesis in the sea whip Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae. Data indicate that the production of pseudopterosins can be significantly increased in response to high levels of predation by the mollusk Cyphoma gibbosum and in response to decreased levels of UV/visible radiation. High levels of feeding by Chaetodon capistratus and an artificial wounding of the sea whip did not result in increased pseudopterosin levels.
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