The effects of time of insemination on fertility in ...



Title The effects of time of insemination on fertility in beef heifers synchronized with prostaglandin F2 alpha
Author(s) J. G. Manns, M. S. Wenkoff, W. M. Adams, Gavin F. Richardson
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1977
Volume 57
Issue 1
Start page 47
End page 51
Abstract Two injections of PGF2 alpha spaced 12 days apart were used to synchronise oestrus in Hereford heifers. Animals were inseminated at 75 h (group 2), 80 h (group 3) or 85 h (group 4) after the 2nd injection of PGF2 alpha . Untreated, control animals (group 1) were inseminated as detected in oestrus over an observation period of approx. 35 days. Immediately before, and 24 h after each PGF2 alpha injection, blood was collected for progesterone assay. Fertility expressed as calving rates was as follows: group 1, 33/77 (43%); group 2, 30/79 (38%); group 3, 29/79 (37%); group 4, 20/73 (27%). Fertility was significantly depressed in group 4 animals compared with controls, but there were no other significant differences. Progesterone assays showed that 65% of animals had progesterone-secreting corpora lutea at the 1st injection of PGF2 alpha . There was no relationship between fertility and either serum progesterone concentration or the day of the cycle at the 2nd injection of PGF2 alpha.
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