Effects of selenium and iodine supplementation on ...



Title Effects of selenium and iodine supplementation on the growth rate, mohair production, and thyroid status of Angora goat kids
Author(s) Jeffrey Wichtel, K. G. Thompson, A. L. Craigie, N. B. Williamson
Journal New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research
Date 1996
Volume 39
Issue 1
Start page 111
End page 115
Abstract The effect of supplementation with selenium and/or iodine on growth rate, mohair production and plasma concentrations of thyroid hormones in goats was studied. Male Angora goats, 3-4 months old, were treated with 0 or 1 intraruminal Se pellet, or treated intramuscularly with iodized oil at 0, 200 or 400 mg I in a 2 x 3 factorial design. Concentrations of Se and I in the lucerne diet were 0.02 and 0.09 mg/kg DM, respectively. Supplementary Se increased (P<0.05) liveweight gain by 26% during the final month of the study, but mohair growth was not affected by either treatment. Plasma concentration of total thyroxine was increased (P<0.001) by I treatment but decreased (P<0.001) by Se. Plasma total triiodothyronine was reduced (P<0.001) by I treatment but unaffected by Se. Thus Se supplementation improved liveweight gain but I had no effect on growth. Se and I treatment together altered thyroid hormone concentrations, but Se x I interactions were not significant..

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