Metabolic rate of pre-smolt growth-enhanced ...



Title Metabolic rate of pre-smolt growth-enhanced transgenic Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Author(s) J. T. Cook, Mary A. McNiven, A. M. Sutterlin
Journal Aquaculture
Date 2000
Volume 188
Issue 1/2
Start page 33
End page 45
Abstract In 1996 at AquaBounty Farms (Prince Edward Island, Canada) the rates of routine oxygen consumption of 660 growth-enhanced transgenic Atlantic salmon (carrying a chinook salmon growth hormone gene driven by an ocean pout antifreeze gene promoter) were compared with that of 660 non-transgenic salmon, over a pre-smolt body interval of 8-55 g to determine whether or not the transgenic salmon had a greater metabolic rate. Routine oxygen consumption rates (mg O2/h), inclusive of the heat increment associated with feeding, were 1.54- to 1.70-fold higher for transgenic fish compared to the controls. Integrated over time from first feeding to smolt size, the transgenic salmon actually consumed 42% less total oxygen than the non-genetically modified controls to reach smolt size. In a post-absorptive state (24 h starvation), corresponding oxygen consumption rates of transgenic fish were 1.58- to 2.30-fold greater than that of regular salmon. The added cost to smolt producers for the short-term delivery of more water or oxygen to support the elevated metabolism of such growth-enhanced fish would appear to be justified in light of the benefits in reducing smolt production time..
DOI 10.1016/S0044-8486(00)00332-X

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