Analysis of epididymal proteins during sexual ...



Title Analysis of epididymal proteins during sexual maturation in male albino mice
Author(s) Balaji Ramanathan, G. Archunan
Journal Acta Physiologica Hungarica
Date 2001
Volume 88
Issue 1
Start page 73
End page 80
Abstract Androgen dependent epididymal proteins act as antigen to produce autoantibodies and affect normal fertility. In the present study, epididymal proteins were analyzed during the time of sexual maturation and their androgen dependency was studied in male albino mice. Epididymis of 21 days (Pre-pubertal), 45 days (Pubertal), 60 days (Post-pubertal), orchidectomized (15 days after surgery) and orchidectomized with testosterone-treated (15 days after treatment) mice were dissected out and analyzed. Caput, corpus and cauda epididymidis were separated and the protein extract was prepared with 0.1 M PBS for 10% SDS-PAGE analysis. Testosterone assay was performed in the experimental groups except the testosterone treated group. The electrophoretic analysis of proteins in caput, corpus and cauda epididymidis of orchidectomized animals showed the disappearance of several proteins as compared to the adult. However, the disappeared proteins started to reappear in testosterone treated animals. The results suggest that removal of testis depletes the testosterone level and causes significant alteration in epididymal proteins. These proteins need further investigation for the purpose of immunocontraception by using them as antigens.

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