Enhanced DNA repair synthesis in hyperacetylated ...



Title Enhanced DNA repair synthesis in hyperacetylated nucleosomes
Author(s) Balaji Ramanathan, M. J. Smerdon
Journal The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Date 1989
Volume 264
Issue 19
Start page 11026
End page 11034
Abstract We have investigated the level of 'early' DNA repair synthesis in nucleosome subpopulations, varying in histone acetylation, from normal human fibroblasts treated with sodium butyrate. We find that repair synthesis occurring during the first 30 min after UV irradiation is significantly enhanced in hyperacetylated mononucleosomes. Nucleosomes with an average of 2.3 acetyl residues/H4 molecule contained approximately 1.8-fold more repair synthesis than nucleosomes with an average of 1.5 or 1.0 acetyl residues/H4 molecule. Fractionation of highly acetylated nucleosomes by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis yielded an additional 2.0-fold enrichment of repair synthesis in nucleosomes containing 2.7 acetyl residues/H4 molecule as compared to nucleosomes containing 1.9 acetyl residues/H4 molecule. This enhanced repair synthesis is associated primarily with nucleosome core regions and does not appear to result from increased UV damage in hyperacetylated chromatin. In addition, the distribution of repair synthesis within nucleosome core DNA from hyperacetylated chromatin is nonrandom, showing a bias toward the 5' end which is similar to that obtained for bulk (unfractionated) chromatin. These results provide strong evidence that enhanced repair occurs within nucleosome cores of hyperacetylated chromatin in butyrate-treated human cells. Finally, pulse-chase experiments demonstrate that the association of enhanced repair synthesis with hyperacetylated nucleosomes is transient, lasting only about 12 h after UV damage.

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