Studies of the green alga Percursaria dawsonii ...



Title Studies of the green alga Percursaria dawsonii (=Blidingia dawsonii comb. nov., Kornmanniaceae, Ulvales) in British Columbia
Author(s) Sandra C. Lindstrom, Louis A. Hanic, Larry Golden
Journal Phycological Research
Date 2006
Volume 54
Issue 1
Start page 40
End page 56
Abstract We cultured and sequenced newly collected material of Percursaria dawsonii Hollenberg et I. A. Abbott, a poorly known epibiont of limpets found along the west coast of North America. Zoospores, parthenogametes, and zygotes exhibited empty-spore germination, which produced a prostrate system that expanded by stolon-like development. A dense carpet of initially uniseriate filaments arose from the prostrate system. These upright filaments soon became biseriate proximally and pluriseriate distally, where they were flat, twisted and distromatic for approximately four-fifths of their length and rarely became hollow in larger individuals. These fronds became fertile distally and released quadriflagellate zoospores and/or biflagellate isogametes. Individual gametophytic fronds were dioecious, and alternated with isomorphic sporophytic fronds. The gametes moved rapidly and often exhibited an unusual side-to-side vibration that made them appear like winged insects. Comparisons of 18S rRNA gene and ITS sequences indicated that P. dawsonii should be included in the genus Blidingia, family Kornmanniaceae.

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