A morphological study and taxonomic reassessment of ...



Title A morphological study and taxonomic reassessment of the generitype species in the gracilariaceae
Author(s) L. M. Liao, Max H. Hommersand
Journal Journal of Phycology
Date 2003
Volume 39
Issue 6
Start page 1207
End page 1232
Abstract We investigated the reproductive morphology of representative material corresponding to the type species of each of the described genera presently placed in synonymy under Gracilaria. From these observations and published studies of recognized genera, 10 species groups are identified in the Gracilariaceae based on spermatangial type and cystocarp development. Actual or potential generic names are given in brackets after each group: 1) abscissa group ( Melanthalia), 2) flabellata group ( Curdiea), 3) lemaneiformis group ( Gracilariopsis), 4) chilensis group, 5) edulis group ( Plocaria/Polycavernosa), 6) urvillei group ( Hydropuntia), 7) crassissima group, 8) salicornia group ( Corallopsis), 9) gracilis group, and 10) bursa-pastoris group ( Gracilaria). Tyleiophora was shown to belong to the bursa-pastoris group. The type species of the parasitic genera Gracilariophila and Congracilaria are closely related to their host species. Species assemblages recognized here based on morphological evidence received moderate to strong bootstrap support in recently published molecular phylogenies. Further studies may show that some groups correspond to genera, whereas others do not merit generic status.

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