Morphological study of the marine algal genus padina ...



Title Morphological study of the marine algal genus padina (dictyotales, phaeophyceae) from Southern Philippines: 3 species new to Philippines
Author(s) P. J. L. Geraldino, L. M. Liao, Sung Min Boo
Journal Algae
Date 2005
Volume 20
Issue 2
Start page 99
End page 112
Abstract This monographic study presents morphological descriptions of eight species of Padina collected from the Visayas and Mindanao regions of southern Philippines, including distributions of each species and a taxonomic key for all the species examined. Of these species, three are new records for the Philippines, namely: P. fernandeziana Skottsberg and Levring, P. jonesii Tsuda and P. moffittiana Abbott and Huisman. One species, P. antillarum (Kuetzing) Piccone, represents a new nomenclatural record, which is applied to a Philippine species for the first time. Four species previously reported in the Philippines are reconfirmed and described P. australis Hauck, P. minor Yamada, P. boryana Thivy and P. sanctae-crucis Boergesen. All eight species studied have distromatic thalli, except for P. antillarum which is tetrastromatic. Three of these have indusiate sporangia, namely: P. sanctae-crucis, P. moffittiana and P. fernandeziana.

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