Immunohistochemical localization of procollagens. ...



Title Immunohistochemical localization of procollagens. III. Type I procollagen antigenicity in osteoblasts and prebone (osteoid)
Author(s) Glenda M. Wright, C. P. Leblond
Journal The Journal Of Histochemistry And Cytochemistry: Official Journal Of The Histochemistry Society
Date 1981
Volume 29
Issue 7
Start page 791
End page 804
Abstract Frozen sections of unfixed tibia and mandibles from day-old rats were immunostained by the peroxidase-antiperoxidase technique after exposure to antisera against procollagen I or other collagenous materials. Light microscopic study of bone growth areas showed that procollagen I antigenicity was present in osteoblasts and prebone (osteoid), but not bone tissue; neither procollagen III nor collagen IV antigenicity were detected. The localization of procollagen I antigenicity within osteoblasts was then attempted in the electron microscope. Chopper slices of formaldehyde-fixed tibia from day-old rats were incubated with affinity-purified anti-procollagen I antibodies linked to peroxidase and were treated with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of 3,3'-diaminobenzidine. The dot-like reaction indicative of procollagen I antigenicity was found to be moderate in rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER) cisternae, strong in spherical and cylindrical Golgi distensions, and intense in prosecretory and secretory granules. Reactivity was also observed within the matrix of multivesicular bodies Thus an increasing gradient of procollagen I antigenicity occurs from rER cisternae through Golgi distensions to secretory granules, that is, along the presumed pathway of procollagen synthesis. The antigenicity present within rER cisternae is attributed to the precursor pro alpha (I) chains, while that in the cylindrical Golgi distensions, secretory granules, and prebone is attributed to procollagen itself. The antigenicity of multivesicular bodies suggests some degradation of pro alpha chains or procollagen.

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