Canadian Jews should rethink alliances: on the ...



Title Canadian Jews should rethink alliances: on the government of Canada
Author(s) Henry F. Srebrnik
Related item Canadian Jewish News
Start page 9
Date 2003
Abstract Let me share with CJN readers an anecdote that, I believe, speaks to the tunnel vision we Jews in Canada exhibit politically. In the winter of 2000, while on vacation in Florda, I was criticizing the Liberal party's attitudes towards the Middle East to my mother in a small fruit store in Hallandale. I suggested that we should not remain forever the captives of one political party. This was, remember, before Sept. 11, 2001. In Canada, the Liberals are, if anything, far less favourable to the Jewish state, and more agnostic on the question of military action against Iraq, than are the Democrats in the United States, yet Canadian Jews seem politically paralyzed, unable to contemplate the notion of voting for those who are more robust in defending Israel and opposing [Saddam Hussein]. We also have few counterparts to the high-profile neoconservative intellectuals who play such a prominent role in America's political conversation. This is a defining moment for our community. Israel is in greater danger now than at any time in its history and this is no time for Jews to be timid. In World War II, those on the far left (during the period Stalin was allied with Hitler) took a 'plague on both their houses' approach, defining it as an 'imperialist' war pitting an equally evil western alliance against the Axis powers, while those on the right opposed to fighting Hitler called it a 'Jews' war.'

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