Music cognition: defining constraints on musical ...



Section title Music cognition: defining constraints on musical communication
Section author(s) Annabel J. Cohen
Book title Musical communication
Book editor(s) Dorothy Miell, Raymond A. R. MacDonald, David J. Hargreaves
Start page 61
End page 84
Date 2005
Abstract How do people communicate using music? / David J. Hargreaves, Raymond Macdonald, and Dorothy Miell -- Music and meaning, ambiguity, and evolution / Ian Cross -- Music and conversation / R. Keith Sawyer -- Cognition, representation and communication. Music cognition : defining constraints on musical communication / Annabel J. Cohen ; From mimesis to catharsis : expression, perception, and induction of emotion in music / Patrik N. Juslin ; Representation, cognition, and musical communication : invented notation in children's musical communication / Margaret Barrett ; How the conventions of music notation shape musical perception and performance / Jeanne Bamberger -- Embodied communication. Rhythm, human temporality, and brain function / Michael H. Thaut ; Musical companionship, musical community. Music therapy and the process and value of musical communication / Gary Ansdell and Merc?d?s Pavilcevic ; Bodily communication in musical performance / Jane Davidson ; Singing as communication / Graham F. Welch -- Communication in learning and education. Musical communication and children's communities of musical practice / Margaret Barrett ; Musical communication between adults and young children / Susan Young ; Pedagogical communication in the music classroom / Charles Byrne -- Cultural contexts of communication. Talking about music : a vehicle for identity development / Raymond Macdonald, Dorothy Miell, and Graeme Wilson ; Hippies vs hip-hop-heads : an exploration of music's ability to communicate an alternative political agenda from the perspective of two divergent musical genres / Janis Mcnair and John Powles ; Communication in Indian raga performance / Martin Clayton ; The role of music communication in cinema / Scott D. Lipscomb and David E. Tolchinsky ; Musical communication in commercial contexts / Adrian C. North and David J. Hargreaves.

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