Functions of music in multimedia: a cognitive approach



Section title Functions of music in multimedia: a cognitive approach
Section author(s) Annabel J. Cohen
Book title Music, mind, and science
Book editor(s) Suk Won Yi
Start page 40
End page 68
Date 1999
Abstract pt. 1. Current thoughts and issues in music perception and cognition. Is music the most important thing we ever did? : music development and evolution / Ian Cross -- Music psychology and music therapy : mutual support / Rudolf E. Radocy & Wanda B. Lathom-Radocy -- The functions of music in mutimedia : a cognitive approach / Annabel J. Cohen -- Implementation of an exemplar-based learning model for music cognition / Ichiro Fujinaga, Stephan Moore, & David S. Sullivan Jr. -- Logic, cognition and the art of the arbitrary / Alastair Borthwick. pt. 2. Pitch and its organization. Tonal bootstrapping : re-thinking the intervallic rivalry model / David Butler -- Various internal references of absolute pitch possessors / Kyung Myun Lee -- Absolute pitch and the P300 : the effect of task difficulty and strategy / Laura A. Bischoff, Roni I. Granot, & Emanuel Donchin -- Perceptual grouping of pitch sequences in the steady-state visually evoked potential (SSVEP) responses of musically trained subjects / Philip G. Harris ... [et al.] -- Melodic and rhythmic contour in perception and memory / W. Jay Dowling, Aron Barbey, & Laura Adams. pt. 3. Duration, rhythm, and tempo. How fast is that music? : the relation between physical and perceived tempo / Carolyn Drake, Laeticia Gros, & Amandine Penel -- The effect of tempo variations in musical stimuli on skin temperature and perceived physiological change / Byung-Chuel Choi & Kumju Bang -- The effect of marker duration on time-shrinking / Miki Yamashita and Yoshitaka Nakajima. pt. 4. Emotion and performance. Musical performance and emotion : issues and developments / John A. Sloboda -- Individual differences in the expressive shaping of a musical phrase : the opening of Chopin's Etude in E major / Bruno H. Repp -- Seeking 'one' explanation for expressive timing / Amandine Penel & Carolyn Drake -- Regression modelling continuous data in music psychology / Emery Schubert & William Dunsmuir. pt. 5. Listening experience and inner hearing. Everyday uses of music listening : a preliminary study / John A. Sloboda -- Inner hearing among symphony orchestra musicians : intersectional differences of string-players versus wind-players / Warren Brodsky ... [et al.] -- Memory for Japanese pop songs with different styles : role of combination of text with melody / Hiromichi Mito & Tadahiro Murao. pt. 6. Learning and development. The role of phrase groupings in children's memory for melodies : a preliminary study / Steven M. Demorest -- The role of motivation in the practice and achievement of young musicians / Susan A. O'Neill -- The development of mental representations in early childhood : a longitudinal study on music learning / Wilfried Gruhn -- Children's communication of emotion in song / Mayumi Adachi & Sandra E. Trehub -- Adolescents' gender-stereotyped preferences for musical instruments / Susan A. O'Neill, Adrian C. North, & David J. Hargreaves -- Tonal languages and singing in young children / Lily Chen-Hafteck. pt. 7. Psychoacoustics. Roughness of beating tone pairs measured by absolute magnitude estimation / Andrzej Rakowski, Andrzej Miskiewicz, & Teresa Rosciszewski -- Acoustical analysis of violin timbre on differently skilled players / Soo Kyoung Roh.

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