Rethinking support of NATO air strikes



Title Rethinking support of NATO air strikes
Author(s) Henry F. Srebrnik
Related item Canadian Jewish News
Start page 9
Date 1999
Abstract We Jews abhor violence, especially when it is directed against a group targeted because of its culture, ethnicity or religion. The events of the past few months in the Kosovo region of Yugoslavia have been horrific. Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic has sent his army into the province to bring the recalcitrant ethnic Albanian Kosovar majority to heel and reassert Serbian dominance. Very understandably, the initial reflexive response for many of us, as we watch refugees streaming out of Kosovo amid cries of genocide, has been to uncritically support our participation in the NATO air strikes launched against him in retaliation. Croatia during the war was a Nazi puppet state, and engaged in mass murder of Jews, Serbs and others; the Bosnian Muslims raised SS divisions that fought on the Russian front; and the Albanians created a Greater Albania, under Italian auspices, which included Kosovo. Indeed, the Albanians "cleansed" Kosovo of Serbs. This is part of the reason they are now a majority in the province. The Albanians are Muslims, and the Kosovo Liberation Army harbors in its ranks Islamic fundamentalists. (Let us recall that, in Afghanistan, the mujahadin freedom fighters of the 1980s were transformed into the Taliban of the 1990s.) Detaching Kosovo from Yugoslavia and creating a Greater Albania may not necessarily affect Israel negatively, but it certainly will not help the Jewish state. Given their cultural and religious affinities, Albanians are, understandably, more likely to support the Arab countries in any Mideast conflict.

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