Comparative cellular morphology suggesting the ...



Title Comparative cellular morphology suggesting the existence of resident dendritic cells within immune organs of salmonids
Author(s) J. Lovy, Glenda M. Wright, David J. Speare
Journal Anatomical Record-Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology
Date 2008
Volume 291
Issue 4
Start page 456
End page 462
Abstract This report is the first morphological description of cells that resemble dendritic cells, which appear to form resident populations within the spleen and anterior kidney of fish. Based on examination of three salmonid species, including, rainbow trout, brook trout, and Atlantic salmon, the cells were most abundant in the spleen, although they were always present in the anterior kidney. The cells appeared diffusely distributed, often near blood vessels of the spleen and kidney of healthy fish and within the epithelium, connective tissue, and blood vessels of rainbow trout gills with experimentally induced microsoporidial gill disease. The dendritic-like cells in this study contained granules that resemble Birbeck granules, which are considered to be morphological markers of Langerhans cells in mammals. The cells were approximately 6 mu m in diameter and contained Birbeck-like (BL) granules localized near centrioles. Although the dendritic-like cells in the three salmonid species shared many similarities, morphological differences were found in the fine structure of the rod portion of the BL granules. Rainbow trout BL granules contained amorphous material, while the other salmonid species contained particulate material arranged in a square-lattice arrangement. The BL granules in the cells of Atlantic salmon had a narrow diameter and contained four layers of particulate material when sectioned longitudinally; two layers enveloped by the granule membrane and two central layers making up a central lamella, which is common in mammalian Birbeck granules.
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