Models and measurements of light intensity changes ...



Title Models and measurements of light intensity changes during laser interstitial thermal therapy: implications for optical monitoring of the coagulation boundary location
Author(s) L. C. L. Chin, William M. Whelan, I. A. Vitkin
Journal Physics in Medicine and Biology
Date 2003
Volume 48
Issue 4
Start page 543
End page 559
Abstract We have developed a multi-region spherical Monte Carlo (MC) model to simulate the dynamic changes in light intensity measured during laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT). Model predictions were validated experimentally in tissue-simulating albumen phantoms with well-characterized optical properties that vary dynamically with LITT in a way similar to tissue. For long treatments (2.5 W, similar to1800 s), the transient light intensity changes demonstrated better qualitative agreement with a three-region MC model (with an inner layer of fully coagulated optical properties, a middle layer of partially coagulated properties and an outer region of native properties); for short treatments (4 W, similar to240 s), better qualitative agreement was seen with a two-region MC model (with an inner layer of fully coagulated properties and outer region of native properties). These differences were attributed to differences in coagulation formation during low- and high-powered heating regimes, respectively. At the end of heating, a three-region coagulation zone was observed for both heating schemes. Quantitatively, final light intensity changes at the end of heating were compared with changes predicted by both two- and three-region MC for the same experimentally measured coagulation size and found to agree within similar to30% for both models. The developed MC model helps lend insight into the nature of thermal coagulation events occurring for low and high power LITT irradiation schemes.
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