The Sociocultural Contextualization of Educational ...



Title The Sociocultural Contextualization of Educational Violence: Some Reflections on Northern Education
Author(s) J. Timothy Goddard
Date 1994
Abstract This position paper explores the issue of violence in northern Canadian schools and personal perceptions and reactions to the violent events. Spindler's phrase "sociocultural contextualization" is viewed as placing and examining education and the educative process within the social and cultural environment of the community served by the school. The study was based on four assumptions: (1) violence in the school is reflective of violence within the child; (2) violence within the child is reflective of violence within the home; (3) violence within the home is reflective of violence within the community; and (4) violence within the community is caused by poverty, unemployment, a sense of communal failure, and a history of pervasive social injustice. Violence is not an ethnic issue, nor is it something that develops out of culture or heritage. Until and unless the social causes of violence are addressed, relationships among children in schools will continue to be reflective of those relationships that exist within the wider community. It is a moral imperative for society to do all that is possible to insure that those communities become viable places in which to live. (EH)

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