Synergism between NMDA and domoic acid in a murine ...



Title Synergism between NMDA and domoic acid in a murine model of behavioural neurotoxicity
Author(s) R. Andrew R. Tasker, S. M. Strain
Journal Neurotoxicology
Date 1998
Volume 19
Issue 4-5
Start page 593
End page 597
Abstract We have examined the behavioural neurotoxicity of domoic acid (DOM) and kainic acid (KA) in mice following administration of ligands active at the N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) receptor. Groups of female CD-1 mice (n=4) were injected i.p. with saline or one of three doses of either DOM or KA. Doses of DOM and KA were selected from the steep portion of the respective dose response curves and were equitoxic when compared between the two ligands. Toxicity was recorded as both total cumulative toxicity over 60 min according to a previously validated 7 point rating scale, and as the latency to the onset of tremors and/or convulsions. Five minutes prior to administration of either agonist mice were injected with either saline, NMDA (40 mg/kg) or a combination of NMDA and 15 mg/kg CPP (3-[2-carboxypiperazine-4-yl]propyl-1-phosphonic acid). Neither NMDA nor CPP at these doses produced significant changes from baseline responding when injected prior to saline. Injection of NMDA prior to DOM, however, resulted in significantly increased cumulative toxicity and significantly reduced latencies to seizures at the two highest doses of DOM (3.75 and 5.0 mg/kg). NMDA-induced potentiation of DOM toxicity was completely antagonized by co-administration of CPP. In contrast, injection of NMDA prior to KA did not result in significant changes in KA toxicity at any of the doses tested using either index of behavioural toxicity. These results confirm previous reports of synergism between DOM and ligands acting at the NMDA receptor in isolated neurons, and provide further evidence of pharmacological dissociation of the actions of DOM and KA in vivo.

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