Evaluation of 3,6-dibutanoylmorphine as an analgesic ...



Title Evaluation of 3,6-dibutanoylmorphine as an analgesic in vivo: comparison with morphine and 3,6-diacetylmorphine
Author(s) R. Andrew R. Tasker, K. Nakatsu
Journal Life Sciences
Date 1984
Volume 34
Issue 17
Start page 1659
End page 1667
Abstract Dibutanoylmorphine (DBM), a synthetic diester of morphine, was compared with morphine (M) and diacetylmorphine (DAM) for analgesic efficacy, potency and duration of action following I.V. administration in rats. Analgesia was assessed in groups of eight animals using both tail-flick and hot-plate testing methods following random administration of five different doses of each drug. DBM was found to be substantially more potent than M, but less potent than DAM in both tail-Flick and hot-plate tests of nociception. Similarly, assessment of duration of action at the ED50 for each drug revealed that DBM has a duration of analgesia which is intermediate between the durations of M and DAM. Thus, in rats in vivo, DBM is an effective analgesic and has a reasonable duration of action release to other opioids.

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