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NameLisa Chilton
PositionFaculty Member
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Lisa Chilton


Title: Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D., York University, History (2002); M.A., York University, History (1993); B.A., York University, English Literature (1992)

Lisa Chilton teaches courses in Canadian History, Global History and the history of the Atlantic World. Her research and writing have focused upon British migration within the British Empire, women and gender history, and the reception of immigrants in Canada and in Austrlia. Her publications include Agents of Empire: British Female Migration to Canada and Australia, 1860s-1930 (University of Toronto Press, 2007), and articles in The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History (2004), The British Journal of Canadian Studies (2004), British Journal of Australian Studies (2005, publ 2007), and Canadian Historical Review.

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Research Interests

  • International migrations
  • Canadian immigration
  • British imperialism
  • Gender history

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