LeeAnn Pack



NameLeeAnn Pack
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Companion Animals
Phone(902) 566-0841
BuildingVeterinary Medicine 342S


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Radiographic and CT imaging of a skull associated osteoma in a ferretDe Voe, R. S.; Pack, LeeAnn; Greenacre, C. B.
Management of sternebral osteomyelitis in a horseRhoads, W. S.; Neuwirth, L.; Gull, T.; Pack, LeeAnn
What is your diagnosis? Radiographic diagnosis - Soft-tissue opacity containing numerous gas pockets in the right cranioventral abdominal regionKing, R. G. P.; Pack, LeeAnn
What is your diagnosis? Splenic torsionKing, R. G.; Pack, L. A.
Osteochondrosis of the occipital condyles and atlanto-occipital dysplasia in a Belgian horseMuirhead, T.; McClure, J. Trenton; Bourque, Andrea C.; Pack, LeeAnn
What is your diagnosis? Calcinosis circumscriptaZwicker, L. A.; Pack, L.
Paranasal sinus cyst as a cause of stridor in a standardbred coltGilroy, B. J.; Lofstedt, Jeanne; Pack, LeeAnn; McBurney, Scott R.
Definitive radiation therapy for infiltrative thyroid carcinoma in dogsPack, LeeAnn; Roberts, R. E.; Dawson, Susan D.; Dookwah, H. D.
Candida osteomyelitis in a geldingDoyle, Aimie; Lopez, Alfonso; Pack, LeeAnn; Anne, Muckle
Comparison of digital radiography, ultrasonography, and positive contrast vaginourethrography for determining reproductive status of female cats Woodland , M. ; Pack , L.; Rist , P.; Crane , B.
Valvular endocarditis and septic thrombosis associated with a radial fracture in a red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)Lemon, Matthew J.; Pack, LeeAnn; Forzan, Maria J.
Osteoprogenitor cell therapy in an equine fracture modelMcDuffee, L. A.; Pack, L.; Lores, M.; Wright, G. M.; Esparza-Gonzalez, B.; Masaoud, E.

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