Malcolm Murray



NameMalcolm Murray
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0575
BuildingMain Building 510

Malcolm Murray


Professor, Chair

BA, MA, PhD (Waterloo)

I study ethical theory. The focus is on the definitions, concepts, and justifications for moral talk. Specifically, I study contractarian arguments that pretend to ground moral motivation on a picture of enlightened self-interest. A large chunk of this justification veers into game theory.

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Research Interests

  • Ethical theory
  • Contractarian ethics
  • Moral epistemology
  • Evolutionary game theory

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Rational choice and evolutionary fitMurray, Malcolm
Prejudice and evolutionary game theoryMurray, Malcolm
Why contractarians are not libertarians...evolutionarily speakingMurray, Malcolm
HelpingMurray, Malcolm
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How to blackmail a contractarianMurray, Malcolm
A dialogue concerning liberty and communityMann, Doug; Murray, Malcolm
Unconsidered preferencesMurray, Malcolm
A dialogue concerning liberty and communityMann, Doug; Murray, Malcolm
Concerned partiesMurray, Malcolm
Homosexuals and the adoption questionMurray, Malcolm
A catalogue of mistaken interestsMurray, Malcolm
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[Review of the book Self, society and personal choice, by Diana Meyers]Murray, Malcolm
Critical reflectionMurray, Malcolm; Kujundzic, Nebojsa
Practical logicMurray, Malcolm; Kujundzic, Nebojsa; Dorreli, Matthew; ,

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