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NameBrendan O'Grady
PositionEmeritus Faculty

Brendan O'Grady


In a distinguished career spanning five decades, Dr. Brendan O'Grady served as professor of English at both the former Saint Dunstan's University and the University of Prince Edward Island. A great lover of literature, he enriched the intellectual life of both institutions. In addition to his professorial duties, he has served with distinction in a number of administrative capacities, including many years as president of the Board of Governors of Saint Dunstan's University, and has contributed much to the Island community, most notably in authoring the definitive history of Irish immigration to Prince EdwardIsland. The "Dr. Brendan O'Grady Scholarship" was created in his name.

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Exiles and IslandersO'Grady, Brendan
How the Irish came to Prince Edward IslandO'Grady, Brendan
A walking tour of Irish CharlottetownO'Grady, Brendan
A century in education, 1873-1973O'Grady, Brendan
A people set apartO'Grady, Brendan
Irish placenames in Prince Edward IslandO'Grady, Brendan
Children of the three sistersO'Grady, Brendan; Campbell, Robert
Images of medieval IrelandO'Grady, Brendan
Irish CharlottetownO'Grady, Brendan
Seumas O'Kelly and James StephensO'Grady, Brendan
The Monaghan settlersO'Grady, Brendan
Irish Charlottetown, part 2O'Grady, Brendan
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An approach to poetry through types of poemsO'Grady, Brendan; Foley, Michael; ,
Matthew Arnold's poetryBeum, Robert; O'Grady, Brendan; , ; ,

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Irish placenames in Prince Edward Island - ir:ir-batch6-288243903:53:32 2016-06-21
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Irish Charlottetown - ir:ir-batch6-2876156518:14:00 2016-06-24
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