Arthur Ortenburger



NameArthur Ortenburger
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Health Management
Phone(902) 566-0820
BuildingVeterinary Medicine 405S


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Silicone ocular prosthesis in horsesProvost, P. J.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.; Caron, J. P.
More thoughts on alternative and complementary veterinary medicineOrtenburger, Arthur I.
Outpatient arteriographyWolfel, D. A.; Lovett, B. P.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.; Johnson, L. S.; Sommerville, D. L.
Recurrence of obstructive nasal coccidioidal granuloma in a horseHodgin, E. C.; Conaway, D. H.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.
Use of cecal bypass via side-to-side ileocolic anastomosis without ileal transection for treatment of cecocolic intussusception in three horsesLores, M.; Ortenburger, A. I.
Motor neuron disease in a horseMoore, A.; Collatos, C.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.; Illanes, O.; Ikede, B. O.
Bites of venomous animalsMUCHMORE, H. G.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.; HELLBAUM, A. A.
Treatment of snake biteOrtenburger, Arthur I.
What is your diagnosis - soft-tissue mass with a mineralized capsule not involving the esophageal lumenOrtenburger, Arthur I.; Stick, J. A.
Nonsurgical videolaparoscopy for determination of reproductive status of the Arctic charrOrtenburger, Arthur I.; Jansen, M. E.; Whyte, S. K.
Bilateral 'gut-tie' in a recently castrated steerLores, M.; Haruna, J. A.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.
Successful euthanasia of a juvenile fin whaleDaoust, Pierre Y.; Ortenburger, Arthur I.

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