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The history of violence in Canadian history and the question of collective violence in P.E.IRobb, Andrew; Driscoll, Fred; von Dreger, Fred
The Prince Edward Island bibliographyRobb, Andrew
University 100 at UPEIRobb, Andrew
Understanding the Isle of ManMartin, Ged; Robb, Andrew
Instructor's resource for your first-year experienceGardner, John N.; Jewler, A. Jerome; Robb, Andrew
[Review of the book Six crucial decades: Times of change in the history of the Maritimes, by John G. Reid]Robb, Andrew
A discussion of various aspects of wage and price controlsSmitheram, Verner; Hazleton, Ralph; Bond, Gordon; Robb, Andrew
University 100 at UPEISmitheram, Verner; Robb, Andrew
Your first-year experienceGardner, John N.; Jewler, A. Jerome; Robb, Andrew; Bourne, Lesley-Anne
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History-on-the-airRobb, Andrew; Baldwin, Douglas; Allan, Deborah; , ; , ; ,

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