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Renewing UPEI's Institutional RepositoryMoses, Donald; Stapelfeldt, Kirsta
Islandora and TEIStapelfeldt, Kirsta ; Moses, Donald
Digital Preservation Tools, Practices, and Policies in IslandoraRuest, Nick; Jordan, Mark; Moses, Donald
A Distributed Microservices Framework Integrating TavernaMoses, Donald; Pound, Paul
eResearch @ UPEI Leggott, Mark; Moses, Donald; Hooper, Dawn
Linked open data and IslandoraTripp, Erin ; MacKenzie, Mitch; Mark, Leggott
Islandora archipelagoLeggott, Mark
Building a Digital GranaryMoses, Donald
“Bears, blue potatoes, and strong drink”Lloyd, Simon; Moses, Donald
Leveraging agile & resourcing for success-Hydramata, Avalon, Fedora 4 and Islandora [Panel] Ruggaber, Robin; Stewart, Claire; Dunn, Jon; Woods, Andrew; Leggott, Mark
Getting started with IslandoraMacKenzie, M.
Open-source electronic resource management systemsTaylor, Donald; Dodd, Frances; Murphy, James
[Review of the book Going beyond Google: The invisible web in learning and teaching by Jane Devine and Francine Egger-Sider]Jeffery, B. M.
Working with Form BuilderMoses, Donald; Banks, Nigel
Working with Form Builder Moses, Donald; Banks, Nigel
WK2D: Advanced Islandora WorkshopLeggott, Mark; Tripp, Erin; Pound, Paul; Jordan, Mark
DDA and traditional monograph acquisition – the experience of a small university libraryBelvadi, M.
Slow LibraryLeggott, Mark
Digital Dumpster? Preserving and Accessing Digital RecordsLeggott, Mark
UPEI VRELeggott, Mark
Unique, universal & uniform character encoding (Unicode)Leggott, Mark
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Internet...and MoreLeggott, Mark
May the Source Force be With YouLeggott, Mark
Local area networks: for your library?Leggott, Mark
Crafting Libraries in the New MillenniumLeggott, Mark
Using CD-ROMs across a network. The UNB experimentLeggott, Mark; Sloan, S.
Hardware/softwareLeggott, Mark
Promoting academic library resources within a course management systemHooper, Dawn; Jeffery, Betty M.
Hypermedia and the net - Delivering and Managing HypermediaLeggott, Mark
University of Winnipeg Library, 2002 updateLeggott, Mark
Hypermedia and The Net - Data FormatsLeggott, Mark
OpenILL: Open Source and ISO Compliant ILL SystemLeggott, Mark
Hypermedia and The Net - Digital Libraries and the Future of Hypermedia.Leggott, Mark
Internet Nuts and BoltsLeggott, Mark
Role of Information and Communicatioin Technology in the Canadian DiasporaLeggott, Mark
Linking Systems: Transforming Resource Sharing Through ISO ILL and Other Standards: the OpenILL/LDAP ExperienceLeggott, Mark
Research in the Digital AgeLeggott, Mark
Decanting the Library within a Course management System (CMS).Coysh, Sarah; Jeffery, Betty M.
Open is as Open Does: Pulling Success Out of the Open HatLeggott, Mark
Copyright on the WebLeggott, Mark
Unique, universal & uniform character encodingLeggott, Mark
Building Library/Data RepositoriesMoses, Donald; Stapelfeldt, Kirsta
Alberton and areaMacRae, Allan; Warren, Lorraine; Jeffery, Betty M.; , ; ,
A framework for everything: Docs and data in an open source environmentBelvadi, Melissa; Moses, Donald
Resources in brief: Mastering the World of QuickTime by Jerry Borrell and the editors of Macworld MagazineLeggott, Mark
Weaving a Digital Tapestry: Capacity Building in the Digital AgeLeggott, Mark
Citing sources in historyJeffery, Betty M.; , ; ,
Technological Trivia, Tips and TrendsLeggott, Mark
Acadia LibraryJeffery, Betty M.
The Jeffery family of the Isle of Wight and Prince Edward IslandJeffery, Betty M.; Jeffery, Carter W.
Hypermedia and The Net - Creating Hypermedia for WWWLeggott, Mark
New Brunswick Information SourcesLeggott, Mark; O'Brien Leggott, T. Bringing Manitoba's History to Life.Leggott, Mark
Open LearningLeggott, Mark
Library as Open Source Lego BricksLeggott, Mark
Thermal preference and activity thresholds in populations of Argia-Vivida (Odonata, Coenagrionidae) from habitats with different thermal regimesLeggott, Mark; Pritchard, G.
Internet and Business. Special Lecture - Business 469, Technology and Change in Organizations.Leggott, Mark
Weaving Learning LandscapesLeggott, Mark
Sys/Admin 2002: Working the DarksideLeggott, Mark
Crosstalk for WindowsLeggott, Mark
Effect of temperature on rate of egg and larval development in populations of Argia-Vivida Hagen (Odonata, Coenagrionidae) from habitats with different thermal regimesLeggott, Mark; Pritchard, G.
Open Source for SuitsLeggott, Mark
Economics and business bibliographyJeffery, Betty M.
Building a Library 2.0 TapestryLeggott, Mark
St. F.X. Science Forum - Virtual Worlds - Future of Fantasy?Leggott, Mark
Citing sources in historyJeffery, Betty M.
Hypermedia and the The Net - Introductioin to HypermediaLeggott, Mark
WWW ToolkitLeggott, Mark
vRef Services at the University of Winnipeg: practical lessons and Suggestions for Digital Reference EvaluationLeggott, Mark
Open is as open doesLeggott, Mark
Resources in brief: CD-ROM Fundamentals by Robert Starrett and Dana J. Parker / CD-ROM in LibrariesHenning, R.; Thomas, J.; Bowers, R. A.; Leggott, Mark; Al, E.
Hypermedia and The Net - Introduction to HypermediaLeggott, Mark
Library 2.0: Threads in the TapestryLeggott, Mark
Tools for DigitizationLeggott, Mark
UPEI VRE: June 7 UpdateLeggott, Mark
Link Resolvers and OpenURLLeggott, Mark
[Review of the book The Best of History Web Sites]Jeffery, Betty M.
Coping With Change: Sys/AdminLeggott, Mark
Libraries in the Information AgeLeggott, Mark
Repository ReduxLeggott, Mark
Leveraging the Technology EdgeLeggott, Mark
WWW Editors and Authoring ToolsLeggott, Mark
Linking in a Consortial Environment: the COPPUL ExperienceLeggott, Mark
Tripping into the New Millennium: The Perils and Pitfalls of CyberSpaceLeggott, Mark
Facing the Technology JuggernautLeggott, Mark
Fathom This Questia: eBrary's Time Has Come?Leggott, Mark
eBook Generation: Realities for LibrariesLeggott, Mark
The life cycle of Argia vivida Hagen: developmental types, growth ratios and instar identification (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae)Leggott, Mark; Pritchard, G.
Polishing the NeedleLeggott, Mark
LANs and CD-ROMsLeggott, Mark
Future of the Net: Anarchy or CableTV?Leggott, Mark
Hypermedia and The Net - Traditional Multimedia Authoring SoftwareLeggott, Mark
Virtual Reference Grows Up: Are We Ready?Leggott, Mark
Data Liberation Initiative Director's UpdateLeggott, Mark
Linking Systems: Report on an OpenURL Product Review for COPPULLeggott, Mark
Windows menu [Windows communication software]Leggott, Mark
Weaving Digital Tapestries in the Academic LibraryLeggott, Mark
www.LittleRedSchoolHouse.comLeggott, Mark
FLOSS & eLearningLeggott, Mark
Temperature, incubation rates and origins of dragonfliesPritchard, G.; Leggott, Mark
Searching the Internet: Sifting Through the Digital Dumpster or Novigating the Promised Land of XanaduLeggott, Mark
Helping teachers become library literate (Acadia University's School of Education)Jeffery, Betty M.
CD-ROM and LANsLeggott, Mark

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