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Inhibition of collagen-induced platelet aggregation by DT-TX 30, a combined thromboxane-synthetase inhibitor and -receptor antagonist in man ex vivoMueller, T.; Narjes, H.; Krause, J.
The degree of coupling of oxidative phosphorylation is varied physiologicallyKrause, J.; Klug, G.; Brdiczka, D.
Incentives and alternative rating approachesJelley, R. B.; Goddin, R. D.; Powell, D. M.; Heneman, R. L.
Profound and sustained inhibition of platelet aggregation by fradafiban, a nonpeptide platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonist, and its orally active prodrug, lefradafiban, in menMüller, T. H.; Weisenberger, H.; Brickl, R.; Narjes, H.; Himmelsbach, F.; Krause, J.
Localisation of fluorescence-labelled recombinant tissue-type Plasminogen activator (rt-PA) on thrombi in vitroKrause, J.; Deutsch, H.
Corporate governance culture – an interview-based ethnography of two boards of directors using grounded theory Evans, Gary Llewellyn
Cross-linking analysis of yeast mitochondrial outer membraneKrause, J.; Hay, R.; Kowollik, C.; Brdiczka, D.
Different neuropeptsde Y receptor subtypes in rat and rabbit vas deferensDoods, H. N.; Krause, J.
Report on candidate reactions to the 2006 OPC promotional examinationsJelley, R.B.; McCarthy, J.M.; Hrabluik, C.
A novice researcher’s first walk through the maze of grounded theoryEvans, Gary Llewellyn
Progression through the ranksMcCarthy, J.M.; Hrabluik, C.; Jelley, R.B.
Endocytosis and intracellular processing of tissue-type plasminogen activator by rat liver cells in vivo.Stang, E.; Krause, J.; Seydel, W.; Berg, T.; Roos, N.
Microcompartmentation at the mitochondrial surfaceBrdiczka, D.; Knoll, G.; Riesinger, I.; Weiler, U.; Klug, G.; Benz, R.; Krause, J.
Porin pores of mitochondrial outer membranes from high and low eukaryotic cellsDe Pinto, V.; Ludwig, O.; Krause, J.; Benz, R.; Palmieri, F.
Chair's columnJelley, R.B.
Pharmacokinetics and hepatic catabolism of tissue-type plasminogen activator.Tanswell, P.; Seifried, E.; Stang, E.; Krause, J.
BIBP 3226, the first potent and selective non-peptide Y1 receptor antagonistRudolf, K.; Eberlein, W.; Engel, W.; Beck-Sickinger, AG; Dollinger, H.; Esser, F.; Schnorrengerg, G.; Mihm, G.; Wieland, H. A.; Entzeroth, M.; Wienen, W.; Krause, J.; Doods, H. N.
What's going scienceJelley, R.B.
Purification and characterization of the pore forming protein of yeast mitochondrial outer membraneLudwig, O.; Krause, J.; Hay, R.; Benz, R.
The structure and function of the pore in the mitochondrial external membrane / Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Funktion der Pore in der Mitochondrialen AubenmembranKrause, J.
Pharmacokinetics and isolated liver perfusion of carbohydrate modified recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activatorTanswell, P.; Schlüter, M.; Krause, J.
Chair's columnJelley, R.B.
Evidence for carbohydrate-independent endocytosis of tissue-type plasminogen activator by liver cells.Stang, E.; Roos, N.; Schlüter, M.; Berg, T.; Krause, J.
The binding of glycerol kinase to the outer membrane of rat liver mitochondriaÖstlund, A. K.; Göhring, U.; Krause, J.; Brdiczka, D.
Nonlinear pharmacokinetics of tissue-type plasminogen activator in three animal species and isolated perfused rat liver.Tanswell, P.; Heinzel, G.; Greischel, A.; Krause, J.
Strategic macro-environmental factor analysis for entry into the fish vaccines market in IndiaPallapothu, Mahendra Kumar; Krause, Juergen
Chair's columnJelley, R.B.
Improving feedback accuracyJelley, R.B.; Goffin, R.D.
Case study of interprovincial variations in patient access to Oncology drugsBallem, Katherine H. D.; Krause, Juergen
Pharmaco-dynamics and-kinetics of BIBU 52, a platelet glycoprotein (GP) IIb/IIIa antagonist, and its orally active prodrug BIBU 104 in manMüller, TH; Weisenberger, H.; Brickl, R.; Kirchner, M.; Narjes, H.; Himmelsbach, F.; Guth, B.; Krause, J.
Examining a strategy for improving candidate perceptions of test fairnessJelley, R. Blake; McCarthy, Julie M.
Choosing job-related personality traitsGoffin, Richard D.; Rothstein, Mitchell G.; Rieder, Michael J.; Poole, Amanda; Krajewski, Henryk T.; Powell, Deborah M.; Blake Jelley, R.; Boyd, Allison; Mestdagh, Tracy
Report on candidate reactions to the 2007 OPC promotional examinationsHrabluik, C.; Jelley, R.B.; McCarthy, J.M.
Hepatic uptake of tissue-type plasminogen activator is saturableKrause, J.; Tanswell, P.
Advocating for more inclusive licensing frameworkJelley, R.B.
Toward evidence-based practice in organizationsO'Neill, T.A.; Jelley, R.B.
Report on candidate reactions to the 2005 OPC promotional examinationsMcCarthy, J.M.; Jelley, R.B.
Nonlinear pharmacokinetics and isolated liver perfusion of carbohydrate-modified tissue-type plasminogen activatorTanswell, P.; Schluter, M.; Krause, J.
Tissue-type plasminogen activator and ovalbumin show colocalization after endocytosis in hepatic cells.Stang, E.; Krause, J.; Berg, T.; Roos, N.
Neuropeptide Y1 subtype pharmacology of a recombinantly expressed neuropeptide receptor.Krause, J.; Eva, C.; Seeburg, P. H.; Sprengel, R.
Effects of rater priming and incentives on rating accuracyPowell, D.M.; Jelley, R.B.; Goffin, R.D.; Heneman, R.L.
Saturability of clearance of t-PA in three animal species and isolated perfused rat liverTanswell, P.; Heinzel, G.; Greischel, A.; Seydel, W.; Krause, J.
Trauma and exposure in new police officersRegehr, C.; LeBlanc, V.; Barath, I.; Jelley, R.B.
CultureEvans, Gary Llewellyn
Localisation of fluorescence labelled recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator (rt-PA) on thrombi in vitroKrause, J.; Deutsch, H.
Properties of molecular variants of tissue-type plasminogen activatorKrause, J.; Tanswell, P.
Hire better job applicants using a structured job interviewO'Neill, T.; Chapman, D.; Jelley, B.
Die molekularbiologischen Eigenschaften des Gewebetyp-plasminogenactivators und seiner VariantenTanswell, P.; Krause, J.
Characterization of the receptor mediating the hepatic catabolism of t-PASeydel, W.; Hoffmann, H.; Krause, J.
Endocytosis of the recombinant tissue plasminogen activator alteplase by hepatic endothelial cells.Seydel, W.; Stang, E.; Roos, N.; Krause, J.
Does inducing halo improve performance rating accuracy?Jelley, R.B.; Goffin, R.D.; Wagner, S.H.
Enrichment and biochemical characterization of boundary membrane contact sites from rat-liver mitochondria.Ohlendieck, K.; Riesinger, I.; Adams, V.; Krause, J.; Brdiczka, D.
Catabolism of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA), its variants, mutants and hybridsKrause, J.
Endocytosis and intracellular processing of t-PA by rat liver cellsSeydel, W.; Hoffmann, H.; Krause, J.
Corporate governanceEvans, Gary Llewellyn
Culture research and corporate boardsEvans, Gary Llewellyn
DT-TX 30, combining thromboxane-synthetase inhibition with -receptor antagonism, selectively prevents the formation of large thrombi in man ex vivoMueller, T.; Rahr, K., Narjes, H.; Krause, J.
Alterations in liver mitochondrial function as a result of fasting and exhaustive exercise.Klug, G. A.; Krause, J.; Ostlund, AK; Knoll, G.; Brdiczka, D.
Tolerability and platelet fibrinogen receptor occupancy (FRO) after oral treatment with BIBU 104 xx in healthy volunteersNarjes, H.; Weisenberger, H.; Muller, TH; Deichsel, G.; Krause, J.
Gauging the market and non-market forces in Indian aquaculture industry for a strategic position in fish vaccines marketPallapothu, Mahendra Kumar; Evans, Gary
Leadership needs assessment and managerial role researchJelley, R.B.
Bridging theory & practiceMissing
A mega review of cultural studiesEvans, Gary Llewellyn
The importance of scenic drive tourismHennessey, Sean M. ; Dongkoo, Yun; MacEachern, Melissa; MacDonald, Roberta
A structural model of tourists' behavioural intentionsYun, Dongkoo; Hennessey, Sean M.; MacDonald, Roberta; MacEachern, Melissa
An examination of a structural model of tourists' behavioural intentionsYun, Dongkoo; Hennessey, Sean M.; MacDonald, Roberta; MacDonald, Melissa
Segmenting the market of first-time visitors to an island destinationHennessey, Sean; Yun, Dongkoo; Macdonald, Roberta
A Typology of Cultural Tourists and Their Trip Characteristics in Prince Edward Island, ; Yun, Dongkoo; Hennessey, Sean; Macdonald, Roberta; MacEachern, Melissa
An Examination of the Effects of Perceived Quality Price-Value, and Satisfaction on Golf Tourists' Behavioural Intentions: A Structural Model, ; Hennessey, Sean; Yun, Dongkoo; MacEachern, Melissa; MacDonald, Roberta
From methods to methodologyLyle, Ellyn
Dedicating time to volunteeringShantz, A.; Saksida, T.; Alfes, K.
Active management of volunteers: How training and staff support promote commitment of volunteersSaksida, Tina; Shantz, Amanda
CEO Pay with PerksCarrothers, Andrew Glen; Han, Seungjin; Qiu, Jiaping
Teaching and learning evidence-based management 1.0Jelley, Blake; Carroll, Wendy R.; Rousseau, Denise M.
Committed to whom? Unravelling how relational job design influences volunteers’ turnover intentions and time spent volunteeringAlfes, K.; Shantz, A.; Saksida, T.
Segmenting and profiling the cultural tourism market for an Island destinationHennessey, Sean M.; Yun, Dongkoo; MacDonald, Roberta
The case for competitionGamble, Edward N.; Jelley, R. Blake
Integrating Practical Experience in I-O CoursesO'Neill, Thomas A.; Blake Jelley, R.
Is there a Glass Cliff Or a Solid Ledge for Female Appointees to the Board of Directors?Hennessey, Sean M.; MacDonald, Karen; Carroll, Wendy
Optimizing productivity in a matrix structureKrause, J.
Characterization of muscarinic receptor in guinea pig uterus smooth muscleDoods, H. N.; Willim, K.; Krause, J.
The Prince Edward Island bioscience clusterCasper, S.; Krause, J.; MacNevin, A.
Hepatic Endocytosis of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator with Special Reference to the Sinusoidal CellsWisse, E.; Knook, D. L.; ,
Pharmacokinetics of Human Tissue-Type Plasminogen ActivatorTanswell, P.; Seifried, E.; Krause, J.
Aligning R&D and commercial to increase productivityKrause, J.
Balancing R&D and commercialization teams to maximize early market entryKrause, J.
Educating industrial-organizational psychologists for science and practiceJelley, R. Blake; Bonaccio, Silvia ; Chiocchio, François
[Review of the book Mobile banking: Evolution or revolution?, edited by Bernardo Nicoletti]Carrothers, Andrew
Procurement performance and manufacturer-supplier relationshipsMady, M. T.; Mady, Tarek T.
Global or glocalized consumers?Cherrier, Hélène; Mady, Tarek T.; Mady, Sarah
When does a candidate’s inconsistency matter to the voter?Karande, Kiran; Case, F. Mark; Mady, Tarek
Can sentiment toward advertising explain materialism and vanity in the globalization era? Evidence from DubaiMady, Tarek; Cherrier, Hélène; Lee, Dennis; Rahman, Kaleel
Does it pay to be first? A cross-national comparison of mature and emerging market consumer attitudes toward pioneer and follower brandsMady, Tarek T.
Sentiment toward marketingMady, Tarek T.
Effect of globalization on multicultural consumer behaviorManrai, Lalita, ; Manrai, Ajay, ; Mady, Tarek T.
Process-based marketing managementMady, Tarek T.; Manrai, Ajay; Manrai, Lalita
From sentiment towards advertising to materialism and vanity: An assessment from the Middle Eastern perspectiveMady, Tarek T.; Cherrier, Helene; Lee, Dennis; Rahman, Kaleel
The globalization of Arab world: Impacts on consumers’ level of materialism and vanityCherrier, Hélène; Rahman, Kaleel; Mady, Tarek; Lee, Dennis
Sentiment towards marketing: The Impact of consumer alienation and readiness to embrace new technologiesMady, Tarek; Gharavi, Hosein
First-mover advantagesMady, Tarek
Leadership’s effects on employee well-being Ince, C. Elliot; Jelley, R. Blake; MacKinnon, Stacey L.
The effects of advertising awareness and media channels on travel intentionsHennessey, Sean M.; Yun, D.; MacDonald, Roberta M.; MacEachern, Melissa
Light induced fluorescence for predicting API content in tabletsDomike, Reuben; Ngai, Samuel; Cooney, Charles L.
Characteristics of the visiting friends and relatives markets in Prince Edward IslandMacEachern, Melissa; Yun, Dongkoo; MacDonald, Roberta M.; Hennessey, Sean M.
A study of cultural tourismHennessey, Sean M.; MacDonald, Roberta M.; MacEachern, Melissa; Yun, Dongkoo
The effects of perceived quality of performance on price-value, satisfaction, and behavioral intentions by golfers' resident typesHennessey, Sean M.; Yun, Dongkoo; MacEachern, Melissa; MacDonald, Roberta
A typology of cultural tourists and their trip characteristics in Prince Edward IslandYun, Dongkoo; Hennessey, Sean M.; MacDonald, Roberta M.; MacEachern, Melissa
Typology of cultural touristsHennessey, Sean M.; Yun, D.; MacDonald, Roberta M.; MacEachern, Melissa

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Employee engagement in an industrial settingMacIsaac, Aaron
Aboriginal tourism and traditional basket weaving on Prince Edward IslandJadis, Amber
A strategic review of hospital foundations across CanadaDunphy-Gotell, Barbara
Valuation of common shares using fundamental analysisMacKinnon, Allan
An examination of mental illness in Canadian workplacesMacAulay, Anne
A happy volunteerMacDonald, Amie Swallow
Mastitis treatment decision systemDoyle, Danny
Facebook in the workplaceGoodfellow, Gregory
Exploring the development of an economic development assessment frameworkPalmer, Chris
Giving feedback to engineersMacDonald, Garry M.
Feasibility of utilizing hydrogen fuel cell systems in hybrid energy systems in stand-alone off-grid remote northern communities of CanadaSimmons, Garth
Can Florida’s Place Pyramid be applied in organizational settings?Turner-Adams, Joan
Development and implementation of a municipal strategic performance management framework utilizing the balanced scorecard methodologyBell, Hannah
The role of senior leaders in the development of healthy workplaces Baird, Jacqueline
Examining the "Glass Cliff" phenomenonMacDonald, Karen
A descriptive analysis of students' and instructors' perceptions of technologies for learning at a community college in Prince Edward Island Richards, Krystine M.
Strategic lessons and implications in designing, developing and delivering online courses in a tertiary institutionGallant, Todd
Economic feasibility of fiber-­to-­the-­home networksClark, Todd
Genetically modified cropsOrpen, Kevin
Examining the demand for migrant labour by employers in Prince Edward Island's agricultural sectorIjsselstein, Pieter S.
To print or not to printMoore, Rodney
Applying the Stanford search fund concept in Prince Edward Island Dowling, Steven
Examining the relationship amongst human resource management, leadership, and firm performance outcomes with knowledge workersWhyte, Shona
Voices of experienceWilson, J. Scott
Imagine water technologies (, Rob
A glance into organizational culture, ethical workplace climate, and employee engagement levels in a health organization unitYoung, Paul
Examining the effects of transformational leadership and culture during mergers & acquisitionsMarshall, Alfred
Aquaculture industry analysis and market attractiveness of fish vaccines in IndiaPallapothu, Mahendra
Electric vehicle pre-infrastructure planningVardy, Georgina
The impact of gendered processes in the development of mentoring programsMcCourt, Sherry
A systematic review of psychological harassment in the workplacePatterson, Shaun
Exploring barriers for international students transitioning to labour force attachmentCobb, Mitch A.
An exploration of the lived experiences of mobile app entrepreneurs in relation to the development of their mobile app businessesDoucette, Adam
An environmental scan of the workplace integration programs for skilled migrant workers within the Canadian labour marketOjo, Anthonia Oluwatoyin
Examination of referring veterinarians’ satisfaction with the AVC Veterinary Teaching HospitalMcCarville, Carole
Primary healthcare modelsSajdak, Liz
Food & placeToombs, Elizabeth
Ghana Agricultural Development CompanyBanahene, Gideon
Does evidence exist that service learning facilitates the development and/or enhancement of transformational leadership qualities in managers?Carragher, Gaylene
Workplace privacy in CanadaQuinn, Gail
An environmental scan of women in trades and technology initiatives across Canada along with a comparison to a case study of the Trade HERizon Program on Prince Edward IslandWood, Jenny
What are the critical success factors for succession planning in family farms? A systematic reviewLawton, Jennifer
Examining barriers of using evidence-based decision making by managers in practiceOliver, Jonathan D.
Examining the maternal wall biasChin, Karen
Charisma, is it virtuous or villainous? An exploratory study of transformational leadership to examine the ethics gapKnox-Kerwin, Kim
Updating Reay, Berta & Kohn EBMgt systematic reviewCurrie, Katherine McHerron
Reflections in the glass ceilingHaines, Marla E.
Revenue management in Canada’s non-profit performing arts sectorWalsh McGuire, Penny
Canadian Police Knowledge Network (B)Trainor, Paul
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)Keliher, Ryan
The elephant in the neighborhoodMcCloskey, Rob
A recruitment and attraction strategy for bringing Francophone immigrants to PEICormier, Angie
Strategic plan of URANUSWang, Chaoguang
Personality descriptions gathered from on-line biographies of Four Seasons Hotels’ general managersSeniuk, Elaine
An environmental scan of programs designed to overcome barriers to accessing post-secondary education in CanadaHughes, Jeffrey M.
A systematic review of workplace mental health promotion interventionsMackenzie, Jessica
Implementation of lean philosophy and lean production practices in a perceived change resistant organizationPennings, Krista; Westcott, Jillian
Content analysis of Coursera, edX, and Udacity course platformsWilliams, Kenneth
What happened to the weekend effect?Cote, Mary
Time out and time offMcDearmid, Rachel Clark
Stress-related outcomes of organizational downsizingAnderson, Susan; Proulx, Jeannette
A strategic plan on arts and culture for the City of CharlottetownProctor, Cate
Making sense of labour market information for Prince Edward IslandKimpton, Jean
Examining workplace bullying in CanadaMurphy, Jodi
Non-genetically modified canolaMacIsaac, Jane L.
Corporate governance in Canadian Federal Crown CorporationsCooper, Kelly
A systematic review of the impact of cultural differences on American-Chinese partnershipsSu, Hui
Sustainable safe drinking water for the rural poor in AfghanistanQayoome, Mohamad Nazir
Women on topHampden, Margo
Intercultural communications trainingMacKinnon, Joy
What are the potential economic opportunities created by climate change for the expansion of the agriculture industry on Prince Edward Island?Dingwell, Jana
What’s trending on Twitter?Kerry, Sheila
SWOTDeveau, Brian J.
A review of Stock Pinning and its potential causesMigiro, Anthony
Leadership's effects on employee well-beingInce, Elliot
Direction Y - what guides youth when planning for their futureRossiter , Heather L
Examining climate change & irrigation requirements on James Island, British ColumbiaWeatherill, Andrew
Promoting physical activity of PEI childrenWhynacht, Jamie

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