Philip Smith



NamePhilip Smith
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0549
BuildingMemorial Hall 205

Philip Smith


Title: Professor

Education: B.A., University of Texas (1979); M.A., University of Western Ontario (1980); Ph.D., University of Western Ontario (1987)

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Research Interests

  • Health psychology
  • Tobacco control
  • Sociobehavioural aspects of cancer
  • University teaching and learning
  • Family violence

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Maternal sensitivity and patterns of infant mother attachmentSmith, Philip B.; Pederson, David R.
Infant-mother attachment as a function of maternal sensitivity, cognition, personality, and social support [microform]Smith, Philip B.
Preventing data fabrication in telephone survey researchSmith, Philip B.; MacQuarrie, Colleen R.; Herbert, Rosemary; Cairns, D.; Begley, L.
Smoke free homes baseline surveyMacQuarrie, Colleen R.; Flynn, B. J.; Smith, Philip B.; Herbert, Rosemary; Roach, M.; Charlton, P.
A comprehensive profile of health risk behaviors among students at a small Canadian universityTaylor, Jennifer P.; McCarthy, Mary Jean; Herbert, Rosemary J.; Smith, Philip B.
PsychologyBouchard, Stephane; Smith, Philip B.

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