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NameSociology and Anthropology
Parent school/facultyFaculty of Arts
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Anne around the world Missing
The seventh circleDavetian, Benet
Colonialism and contemporary African migrationAdeyanju, Charles T. ; Oriola, Temitope B.
Objects of Expert KnowledgeMitchell, Jean
'Operation Restore Public Hope'Mitchell, Jean
Island MattersBaldacchino, Godfrey
[Review of the book Ethnic CanadaTrenton, Thomas N.
IranMorrison, David; Stuart, Reginald C.; Dasgupta, Satadal; Macquarrie, Heath
Caste dominance and agricultural development in village IndiaDasgupta, Satadal
Child sexual abuse, ; Lawlor, Bill; Mazer, Donald B.; Kopachevsky, Joseph P.; McInnis, Katie
Academic politics in the universityDasgupta, Satadal; Baker, Ronald J.; Smitheram, Verner
Left-wing radicalism at a Canadian university - the inapplicability of an American modelTrenton, Thomas N.
Villages upward boundKaufman, Harold F.; , ; Dasgupta, Satadal
Divergent visionsSorge, Antonio
[Review of the book NGOs in IndiaDasgupta, Satadal
Structure and change in Atlantic CanadaDasgupta, Satadal
Family, kinship and communityDasgupta, Satadal
The free highlandsSorge, Antonio
Moral tensions between western and Islamic culturesDavetian, Benet
Conflicting perceptionsWills, Richard
What is settler colonialism? An anthropological meditation on Frantz Fanon's "concerning violence"Krautwurst, Udo
Canadian nationalismTrenton, Thomas N.
Rural class structure in India--a comparative study of prestige classes in six Punjab villagesDasgupta, Satadal
HauntedOriola, Temitope; Adeyanju, Charles
Interpretations of tourism as commodityWatson, G. Llewellyn; Kopachevsky, Joseph P.
Ecological Factors as Explanatory Variables in Community AnalysisSINGH, R. A. G. H. U. N.; Dasgupta, Satadal
Towards an emotionally conscious social theoryDavetian, Benet
[Review of the book Ethnic CanadaTrenton, Thomas N.
What is human society? It is a feeling societyDavetian, Benet
Caste, kinship and communityDasgupta, Satadal
Unfolding the moonMitchell, Jean
[Review of the book British, the magnificient exploiters of India by Surinder Nath Gupta]Dasgupta, Satadal
[Review of the book BelongingTrenton, Thomas N.
Factors in educational aspirations; a study of high school seniors in Prince Edward Island, CanadaDasgupta, Satadal; Nagarajan, Palanisamy
Out of the melting pot and into the fireDavetian, Benet
Community and agriculture in two Indian villagesDasgupta, Satadal; Madan, G. R.
The seventh circleDavetian, Benet
ParadiseBarrett, Stanley R.; Dasgupta, Satadal
Rural CanadaDasgupta, Satadal
The community in CanadaDasgupta, Satadal
The Joy of LookingKrautwurst, Udo
Man, community and waterDasgupta, Satadal
The institutionalized severely retardedWills, Richard
BelongingTrenton, Thomas N.; Kaplan, William (EDITOR)
[Review of the book Namibia under South African ruleKrautwurst, Udo
University and communityDasgupta, Satadal; Smitheram, Verner
Local attitudes and water resources developmentDasgupta, Satadal
[Review of the book Creating Germans abroadKrautwurst, Udo
Diffusion of agricultural innovations in village IndiaDasgupta, Satadal
Human instincts, everyday life, and the brainWills, Richard
Class, caste and agrarian structure in West BengalDasgupta, Satadal; Hennessey, S.; Mukhopadhyay, R. S.
Tagore ; the poet and his peopleDasgupta, Satadal
Pulling stringsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Stuart, E. Kathleen
British - the magnificent exploiters of India - Gupta, SNDasgupta, Satadal
The arms raceStuart, Reginald C.; Grant, Kenneth; Trenton, Thomas N.; Macdonald, David
Detecting the follyDavetian, Benet
'Goin' down the road' or 'the Island way of life'? Student attitudes and values in the HinterlandTrenton, Thomas N.
In honor of FadimeSorge, Antonio
The joy of lookingKrautwurst, Udo
Cyborg anthropology and/as endocolonisationKrautwurst, Udo
Caste, kinship and communityDasgupta, Satadal
The Soviet menaceStuart, Reginald C.; Spira, Thomas; Dasgupta, Satadal; Rowe, Andrew
Caste, class and family structure in West Bengal villagesDasgupta, Satadal; Hennessey, Seana; Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra
[Review of the book Emergent Forms of Life and the Anthropological Voice]Krautwurst, Udo
NationalismSorge, Antonio
Hegemony and transnational practices of Nigerian-Yorubas in TorontoAdeyanju, Charles
Studies on Atlantic CanadaDasgupta, Satadal
The seventh circleDavetian, Benet
Nuclear and joint family households in West Bengal villagesDasgupta, Satadal; Weatherbie, Christine; Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra
Demographic Correlates, Social Relations, and Norms as Determinants of Availability of Adult Children as Potential, Instrumental, and Basic-and-Instrumental Care ProvidersRichards, Judy-Lynn
Community factors in attitudinal differences toward water resources developmentDasgupta, Satadal; ,
Environmental systems - philosophy, analysis, and control - Bennett, RJ; Chorley, RJWills, R. H.
Caste Dominance and Agricultural Development in Village IndiaDasgupta, Satadal
Intergenerational fairness in reforming the CPPBeaujot, Roderic; Richards, Judy-Lynn
Rural CanadaDasgupta, Satadal
Caste, religion and powerDasgupta, Satadal
Water-witching modernist epistemologies and dowsing rationality exporting models of non-rationality through colonial and development discoursesKrautwurst, Udo
Discourse of Health Risks and Anti-Racial DiversityAdeyanju, Charles Temitope
Generation X and political correctnessTrenton, Thomas N.
Party politics, Panchayat and conflict in a West-Bengal villageDasgupta, Satadal; Mukhopadhyay, R. S.
Associational structure and community developmentDasgupta, Satadal
Work and domestic roles of the Dule Bagdi women of southern West BengalDasgupta, Satadal
Sociology WebDavetian, Benet
Associational Structure and Community DevelopmentDasgupta, Satadal
"Don’t tase me, bro"Temitope, Oriola; Neverson, Nicole; Adeyanju, Charles
Independence movements in subnational island jurisdictionsMissing
A different appetite for sovereignty?Baldacchino, Godfrey; Hepburn, Eve
IntroductionBaldacchino, Godfrey ; Hepburn, Eve
Competing Notions of Diversity in Archipelago TourismBaldacchino, Godfrey; Duarte Ferreira, Eduardo Costa
Guest editorial introductionBaldacchino, Godfrey; Clark, Eric
Envisioning the ArchipelagoStratford, Elaine; Baldacchino, Godfrey; McMahon, Elizabeth; Farbotko, Caro; Harwood, Andrew
[Review of Tourism, Magic and Modernity: Cultivating the Human Garden]Baldacchino, Godfrey
The Lure of the islandBaldacchino, Godfrey
[Review of the book The Non-independent Territories of the Caribbean and PacificBaldacchino, Godfrey
Come visit, but don't overstayBaldacchino, Godfrey
Voices, lenses and paradigmsVeitayaki, J.; Novaczek, Irene
Les islomanesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Island studies journalBaldacchino, Godfrey; Novaczek, Irene; ,
Global tourism and informal labour relationsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Malta and the European UnionBaldacchino, Godfrey
Recent settlers to Prince Edward Island speakBaldacchino, Godfrey; , ; ,
A taste of small-island successBaldacchino, Godfrey
Cooperative ways of workingBaldacchino, Godfrey; Rizzo, Saviour; Zammit, Edward L.; Stiftung, Friedrich Ebert; ,
Peculiar human resource management practices?: a case study of a microstate hotelBaldacchino, Godfrey
Islands, island studies, island studies journalBaldacchino, Godfrey
The challenge of hypothermiaBaldacchino, Godfrey
The graduating workforceBaldacchino, Godfrey; University of Malta, Workers' Participation Development Centre
Islands - objects of representationBaldacchino, Godfrey
Successful small-scale manufacturing from small islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Ninvestigaw is-Socjeta, (Investigating Society)Baldacchino, Godfrey
Human resource management strategies for small territoriesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Extreme tourism / lessons from the world's cold water islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Warm versus cold water island tourismBaldacchino, Godfrey
Special issueBaldacchino, Godfrey
[Review of the book Islands of women and AmazonsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Worker cooperatives with particular reference to MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey
Multi-functionalism, volunteers and the "school culture"Baldacchino, Godfrey; Mayo, Peter
Editorial introductionBaldacchino, Godfrey
Pacific voicesNovaczek, Irene; Mitchell, Jean; Veitayaki, Joeli; , ; ,
Fixed links and the engagement of islandnessBaldacchino, Godfrey
Autonomous but not sovereign?Baldacchino, Godfrey
Small islands versus big citiesBaldacchino, Godfrey
A nationless state? Malta, national identity and the EUBaldacchino, Godfrey
Ninvestigaw is-Socjeta, (Investigating Society)Baldacchino, Godfrey
Educational planning and management in small statesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Farrugia, Charles; ,
The other way roundBaldacchino, Godfrey
Beyond schoolingBaldacchino, Godfrey; Mayo, Peter
Factors affecting women's formal participation in the Malta labour marketBaldacchino, Godfrey; ,
Introducing social studiesBaldacchino, Godfrey
A double dose of unitarismBaldacchino, Godfrey
EditorialBaldacchino, Godfrey
The United Kingdom overseas territoriesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Small business in small islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Thinking geographicallyBaldacchino, Godfrey
A world of islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey; ,
Jurisdictional self-reliance for small island territoriesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Introducing social studiesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Total quality management in a luxury hotelBaldacchino, Godfrey
Ninvestigaw is-Socjeta, (Investigating Society)Baldacchino, Godfrey
Constructing realitiesNovaczek, Irene; Mitchell, Jean; WorldFish Cent., Penang (Malaysia)
Managing people in MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey; Caruana, Antoinette; Grixti, Mario
Labour policy in microstatesBaldacchino, Godfrey
EditorialBaldacchino, Godfrey; Fairbairn, Te'o I. J.
"But what exactly does the directive say?"Baldacchino, Godfrey
The brain rotation and brain diffusion strategies of small islandersBaldacchino, Godfrey
School based co-operative experiences for studentsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Evolving industrial relations in MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey; Rizzo, Saviour; Zammit, Edward
The impact of Malta's eventual accession to the European Union on its hotels and restaurants sectorBaldacchino, Godfrey
Labour recruitment in the hospitality industryBaldacchino, Godfrey
Settling in Charlottetown and P.E.I.Baldacchino, Godfrey; ,
Labour formation in small developing statesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Small states as holonsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Special issue on human resource strategies for small statesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Bray, M.
Far better to serve in heaven than to reign in hellBaldacchino, Godfrey
Maltese societySultana, Ronald G.; Baldacchino, Godfrey
The Malta Financial Services CentreBaldacchino, Godfrey; Fabri, David
Sustainable user practices on/for islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey
Changing islands - changing worldsBaldacchino, Godfrey; , ; ,
Smallness is backBaldacchino, Godfrey
Gender, generational perceptions and community fisheries management in Lelepa, North Efate, VanuatuTarisesei, J.; Novaczek, Irene
Managing the hinterland beyondBaldacchino, Godfrey
The contribution of 'social capital' to economic growthBaldacchino, Godfrey
Island entrepreneursBaldacchino, Godfrey
A clash of human resource management culturesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Innovative development strategies from non-sovereign Island jurisdictions? A global review of economic policy and governance practicesBaldacchino, Godfrey
Cyprus & Malta on the threshold of the European UnionBaldacchino, Godfrey; Symeonides, Klitos
Resolving the tension between wages and competitivenessBaldacchino, Godfrey
Trade unions in the Maltese private sectorBaldacchino, Godfrey
An exceptional successBaldacchino, Godfrey
Bursting the bubbleBaldacchino, Godfrey
A war of positionBaldacchino, Godfrey
Recent settlers to Prince Edward Island speakBaldacchino, Godfrey; , ; ,
Strategies of development for small island territories of the North AtlanticBaldacchino, Godfrey
Adult and continuing education in small and island statesBaldacchino, Godfrey; Mayo, Peter
The status of a doctoral defenseBaldacchino, Godfrey
Recent developments in higher education in MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey
Human resource management in MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey
Successful small business from small islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Bonnici, Joseph Vella
Il-Partecipazzjoni fit-TarznaBaldacchino, Godfrey
Public forum on cruise ship tourismNovaczek, Irene; Klein, Ross A.; Garrity, Bruce; Quijon, Pedro A.; Frenette, Edwin; Forsythe, Susan; Baldacchino, Godfrey; University of Prince Edward Island. Institute of Island Studies,
The impact of public policy on entrepreneurshipBaldacchino, Godfrey; Dana, Leo Paul
The coming of age in island studiesBaldacchino, Godfrey; , ; ,
The nationless state?Baldacchino, Godfrey
Real stories of small business successBaldacchino, Godfrey; Bonnici, Joseph Vella; , ; ,
Humane privatisationBaldacchino, Godfrey
Special section - Island studies - introductionBaldacchino, Godfrey
Workers on the boardBaldacchino, Godfrey; Zammit, E. L.
The Garden transformedSmitheram, Verner; Milne, David A.; Dasgupta, Satadal; McKenna, Mary Olga
A gendered analysis of the abuse of older adultsWeeks, Lori E.; Richards, Judy-Lynn; Nilsson, Thomy H.; Kozma, Albert; Bryanton, Olive
Competing strategies of socio-economic development for small islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Greenwood, Robert; MacKinnon, Wayne E.; Bartmann, Barry; ,
Bridging islandsBaldacchino, Godfrey; MacDonald, Edward; Spears, Annie
Exploring the impacts of volunteer hospice palliative care on spousal caregiversWeeks, Lori E.; MacQuarrie, Colleen R.; Gaudet, G.; Richards, Judy-Lynn
Exploring sub-national island jurisdictionsBaldacchino, Godfrey; Milne, David A.

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Bridging ‘Islands Of Medicine’LeVangie, Dolores Marie

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