Terrance Percival



NameTerrance Percival
PositionFaculty Member

Terrance Percival


BA, Kansas Wesleyan; MA, Alberta; PhD, Alberta

Terry Percival, a member of the Psychology department at UPEI for 37 years, has taught and researched social developmental psychology, concentrating on the relationship between cognition and social development and theories of moral development. More recently his focus has shifted to creative and holistic psychology. His colleague Philip Smith described Terry as “one of the most thoughtful people you will come upon. In conversation he is fully present, fully respectful of the dignity of others. When he does speak, people listen. When he teaches, students learn, colleagues learn.” Smith added “we need to make sure we save a place in our university for professors like Terry Percival, a scholar not much funded but a reflective and integrative scholar, a teacher not especially flashy but a conscientious and caring teacher, and a colleague not given to positions of formal leadership, but a contributing, fair-minded, gentle colleague.”

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The development of gender constructsPercival, Terrance Q.
Cognitive and motivational parallels in moral developmentPercival, Terrance Q.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and conflict-handling intentionPercival, Terrance Q.; Smitheram, Verner; Kelly, Margaret

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