Using the Main Menu


A listing of all UPEI faculty and staff Scholars, with department, contact information, and a list is citations in IslandScholar.

Click on a Scholar's name(2) to view their faculty profile, on a department name(3) to view the profile for that department, or on the number of citations(4) to view all IslandScholar citations for a particular Scholar.

The Scholar list can also be quickly searched for a particular Scholar, or Scholars in a single department, by entering a name or department in the search box(1).
Browse Scholars screenshot


Browse a list of academic departments and other university research organizations. Each group displays the total number of citations by member Scholars (1) stored in IslandScholar, and can be expanded to display individual authors with citation counts.

To retrieve all citations for an entire group, click “Search all authors” (2) at the top of each department list. To retrieve all citations for a particular Scholar, click on that Scholar’s name (3). You will then be taken to results page where you can view detailed information on each citation, and select citations to add to your 'My List'.
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Faculty/Staff Works, MBA Signature Projects, Theses Collection

Faculty/Staff Works is a complete listing of all IslandScholar publications by UPEI faculty and staff, MBA Signature Projects is listing of Signature Projects completed as part of the Executive Masters of Business Administration program, and the Theses Collection is a listing of graduate theses by UPEI students.

On each of these pages, you can view a full citation record (3), add an item to your “My List” bibliography (4), check full text availability at UPEI (5), and filter (1) the results to a specific set of criteria. You also have the option to select the number of results to display per page(2).
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Publish @ UPEI

Publish at UPEI highlights and links to the various services the Robertson Library and UPEI provide in facilitating the process of scholarly publishing and knowledge dissemination in general.

Searching IslandScholar

A simple search of all possible search fields (e.g. Title, Author, etc) can be performed by entering search terms in the Search bar at the top of the IslandScholar page (1). The search box uses simple keywords, and accepts standard Boolean syntax. It assumes "and" so put exact phrases in quotation marks.

To perform an advanced search, click the Advanced Search link below the Search bar (2) and select from the available options:

Search screenshot
Search within a single collection of digital records. Available collections include:

  • Faculty/Staff Works: Academic publications by faculty and staff, both before and during their time at UPEI.
  • MBA Signature Projects: The Signature Project is a two-credit course completed independently by students in the Executive Masters of Business Administration program. Each project is approved and supervised by a faculty advisor(s).
  • Theses Collection: Graduate Theses by UPEI students.
  • Undergraduate Works: Academic publications by students during their time at UPEI.

Narrow your search to one or more key fields. To add more fields, select a field type and click the add button:

  • Title: Search for the title of a project, article, book chapter, or book.
  • Source: Search for the title of a journal or book containing the article or chapter you want to find.
  • Scholar: Search the name of a faculty, staff, or student author.
  • Department: Search within an academic department (e.g. English or Health Management).
  • ISBN: Search by 10 or 13 digit International Standard Book Number.
  • ISSN: Search by 8 digit International Standard Serial Number.
  • DOI: Search by Digital Object Identifier.
  • Year: Search by year of issue or publication.
  • Full Text: Search within the full text of a work.

Sort By:
Select the order in which your search results will appear:

  • Relevance: Sort your results according to how well they match the search therms you have entered.
  • Title: Sort your results alphabetically by Title.
  • Date: Sort your results by date.

Filtering Your Search Results

Filter options screenshot

After performing a search, the results can still be narrowed in a number of ways. Using the "Limit Results" menu, you can refine your results by Date(1), by publication type (3), by which collection the publication belongs to (Theses, Signature Projects, etc) (5), and by the department(6) of the scholar who wrote the publication. Some publications may be associated with more than one department. To see more options in any category, click "Show More"(4) to view a full list.

To use the Date filter, either move the sliders to the left or right to narrow the date range by year, or expand the "Specify date range"(2) option to enter a specific year/month/day:
Specify date range screenshot
Once your results have been narrowed, they can be expanded again at any time by removing the filter. Your search terms and active filters will appear at the top of the screen. Click the red "X" to remove a single filter and expand your results:
Active filters screenshot

Using My List

My List is your personal collection of citations. It can be used to store, manage, and export citations from IslandScholar into a formatted bibliography using a variety of standard citation styles. Your list belongs to you for duration of your session in IslandScholar, but may not persist after you close your browser.

To add citations to your List, look for the “Add to My List” (1) button on a page of search results or an individual citation. Once you have added a citation to your list, the button will change to “Go to My List” (2) so that you can visit your full list and manage its contents.
my list screenshot
Once you have added citations to your list, you can manage them in the 'My List' page, which can be accessed by clicking (2) as above, or by going to 'My List' in the menu at the top of the screen.
my list screenshot
Within the 'My List' page, you will find a complete list of all of the citations you have added (3). You can use this view to remove items from your list (4), or to export them to a formatted bibliography. When exporting, select a format(5):

HTML: Display the results in a web page
RTF: Export the results into an RTF (Rich Text Format) document. This format is viewable in most text editing and word processing programs.
PDF: Export the results into a PDF (Portable Document Format) document.
RIS: Export the document into an RIS (Research Information Systems) documents. This is a standard tag format used by many reference managers, such as RefWorks or Zotero.

Then select a citation style(6):

APA 5th Edition: The American Psychological Association reference style, 5th edition. Popular in psychology, business, criminology, economics, education, and sociology.
APA 6th Edition: The American Psychological Association reference style, 6th edition. Popular in psychology, business, criminology, economics, education, and sociology.
Chicago (Autor-Date): The Chicago Manual of Style author-date reference style (often used in the physical, natural, and social sciences)
Chicago (Note-Bibliography): The Chicago Manual of Style notes-bibliography reference style ( often used in the humanities, including literature, history, and the arts)
CSE 7th Edition: The Council of Science Editors reference style. Widely used in biology.
MLA 2009 Style: The Modern language Association2009 reference style. Popular in the humanities, including English and literary studies.
MLA 7th Edition: The Modern language Association 7th edition reference style. Popular in the humanities, including English and literary studies.
Vancouver: A numbered referencing style popular in the physical sciences and medicine.

Click "Export Selected" to generate your formatted bibliography. You can change the contents of the bibliography by checking and un-checking selections in your list.